The Benefits Of An Automated Selection Process

D-TECK is dedicated to helping organizations use the science of evaluation independently. To fulfil this mandate, we follow a simple procedure consisting of automating the selection process in order to support organizations through each step leading up to a hiring decision.

In addition to enabling psychometric democratization by making empirical data-based decision-making accessible to small and medium enterprises, there are various other benefits to the automated selection process. Through our experience, we have noted that recruiters and evaluated candidates report being unfamiliar with the benefits specific to this booming selection method. We thought it would be interesting to highlight the benefits of an automated selection process, both for the recruiter and the candidate being evaluated.


Traditional recruiting is a transactional process involving multiple steps, from collecting resumes to interviewing to testing. Each of these steps can represent significant losses of time and money for organizations, which can potentially lead to delaying new organizational strategies due to staff shortages. In an effort to respond to this need to accelerate the hiring process while remaining thorough and affordable, we developed an online tool for evaluating potential. Using mathematical algorithms to preserve the distinctive richness of an organizational psychologist's judgement, other benefits of these tools include:

  • Fewer human resources required for repetitive steps that can be completely automated (e.g., correction of tests).
  • Reduced hiring time, as recruiting, evaluating CVs, taking and grading tests, as well as interviewing, can be performed simultaneously among various candidates.
  • The need to manage appointments between recruiters and candidates is eliminated. It is important not to underestimate this step when evaluating the time needed for filling a position.
  • Reduced costs associated with transportation and accommodation costs for candidates being evaluated.

In addition to these enticing benefits for recruiters, who target profitability in their hiring process, there are two more advantages linked to the thoroughness of the automated hiring process and which also deserve to be mentioned. First, online evaluation helps standardize the hiring process. For instance, through its online video interviews, D-TECK ensures that questions asked to applicants in connection to a given skill are systematically formulated and graded (using a grading sheet) the same way. This helps reduce certain biases from the evaluator.

Second, the online evaluation tools ensure the hiring process is continually optimized, as they give access to a large computerized data bank (Big Data) concerning the candidates being evaluated. This data can be explored and analyzed to provide recruiters with interesting information, helping them continually improve their hiring process. For instance, they will get to familiarize themselves with the “typical” personality profile of candidates who tend to apply through their portal and adapt their recruiting campaigns to attract individuals that best fit the profile sought.


In addition to maintaining scientific rigour and reducing the time and money recruiters spend ensuring they have the staff required, candidates also enjoy a better experience through the automated hiring process. They benefit from greater flexibility at each step of the process. They can send their application remotely, and therefore apply for all positions that raises their interest, regardless of their location. They can also complete psychometric tests at a time that is convenient and most optimal for them, when their concentration is at its best. Similarly, they can answer the questions from the video interview at a time convenient for them, in a user-friendly environment.

On another note, the use of evaluation tools and online interviews is also associated with a positive company brand assessment from the candidates being evaluated. This is because it makes the company stand out for its new approaches and innovative operating methods—an organizational value often sought by young professionals. Moreover, this shows that the company is concerned with implementing a thorough recruiting process based on scientific and technological advances.

As you can see, thinking outside the box and automating the selection process helps the organization benefit from a significant reduction in resources needed to hire new candidates. Moreover, by complying with the new innovative HR practices, D-TECK not only provides a selection process based on the science of evaluation, it also offers flexibility that will benefit both the recruiter and candidate experience throughout the entire process.


About Annie Foucreault, Organizational Psychology Consultant
As an organizational psychology consultant, Ms. Foucreault has a hand in developing online assessment solutions and implementing them with our clients. Combining the power of algorithms with organizational psychology, she helps democratize psychometrics by enabling small, medium-sized and large companies to base their assessment decisions on empirical data. Her efforts aim to improve her clients’ organizational performance by supporting them in selecting and managing talent.