HR Innovation: 5 Values Every Business Should Live By

I recently had the chance to present D-Teck to future organizational psychologists. I am always on the lookout for experts at the forefront of their field, so I like to meet university students. During my presentations, I take time to present D-Teck’s values. I am always surprised to see the extent to which students take notes at this point. They are very interested in the topic and ask questions to ensure they understand our values. Sharing these values is a must to be hired by D-Teck, to be able to perform and to be happy working for the company.

Here are the five essential values:

  • Excellence: being diligent and effective in developing, delivering and continuously improving our solutions
  • Innovation: always being at the cutting edge
  • Entrepreneurship: taking initiative and tolerating risk
  • Partnership: developing and maintaining winning relationships with all stakeholders
  • Passion: throwing our energy into our work and embodying the D-Teck vision

With hindsight, it is clear that these values are essential to ensuring sustained performance in today’s business world. HR Innovation is key for success.

A previous editorial pointed out that the VUCA environment we work in demands an enormous amount from employees, and D-Teck team members are no exception. Behaving like an entrepreneur and innovating are important in such a context. Taking calculated risks is part of D-Teck’s DNA and makes it agile in the face of change.

Having passion is also an essential quality, because in times of change and in the face of adversity, we need to buckle down, while enjoying our work.

And we can’t forget to inform clients, colleagues and peers to rally them to our cause. Being a partner to these stakeholders ensures our success: we accomplish more through team work. We won’t achieve anything if we forge ahead, heedless of the interests of others.

Finally, adopting an approach driven by excellence ensures the credibility of the solutions developed, attracts partners who share this value and enables us to meet customer requirements.

Companies that are still in business in a few years’ time will have learned to adapt to a VUCA environment. What about you? What are your organization’s values? What are some of the behaviours of your organization’s people that show that they are able to innovate in a VUCA environment?

About Martin Cloutier, Co-Founder, Business Leader & Organizational Psychologist
As President of D-Teck, Mr. Cloutier sets the company vision and coordinates its execution. He is the cofounder of D-Teck, and his mission is to reinvent online psychometric tests. An organizational psychologist by training, his approach combines artificial intelligence with organizational psychology to help clients make better decisions about hiring, promotions and development.