8 steps to better recruiting with HR technology

The partnership between D-TECK and Workland opens the door to many possibilities for recruiters.  From now on, artificial intelligence and technology are accessible throughout the staffing cycle. HR technologies are becoming increasingly available and offer recruiters a range of possibilities and advantages.

Here, in eight steps, is how HR technology can help recruiters in their recruitment:



1- Posting

It is now possible to post an unlimited number of positions in a few clicks on Workland and on a network of over 600 job sites in North America. Previously, companies posted on their website and on one or two local job sites. With technology, it is easily possible to post positions on a network of several hundred job sites in North America. With the ever growing difficulty of finding talent, expanding the search area, with no additional effort, is a major advantage in the race for talent. A client who is used to recruiting in his own region and constantly dipping into the same resource pool will see several advantages in this new approach.

2- Distribution

Are you attached to a specific job site that often offers you candidates who meet your expectations? It is possible to connect the job posting accounts with which you have agreements to a single site, to automate distribution. You thus have all your favourite sites under the same roof, plus a hundred others.

3- Prequalification

The arrival of artificial intelligence offers a wide range of possibilities. When well programmed, artificial intelligence works for you and dramatically reduces the time recruiters spend on prequalification. When this step is performed manually, it can take dozens and even hundreds of hours when an available position generates receipt of many resumes. Now you can instantly prequalify thousands of applications through an algorithm that recruiters can customize according to their needs.

4- Applicant tracking

Management of all recruitment activities through the functionalities of an applicant tracking system (ATS) is a major advantage for organizations and recruiters. Recruiters want to have access to information in a single location. They also want to present the qualified applicants in real time via a system to all the stakeholders concerned.  An ATS system allows access to the candidates' video interviews and psychometric assessments, in addition to managing reference checking and invitations. Such a system can set three levels of users: Administrators / Recruiters / Managers, which guarantees the required confidentiality level and allows access by key people.

5- Multidimensional recruitment

you want to use social media in your recruitment, but you don't know where to begin? There are so many sites that hundreds of hours are necessary to make the rounds and post positions on the networks.  Which networks have a reputation for the best performance?  It is now possible to automate your candidate searches via social media through a recruitment CRM.  You thus can distribute and track postings on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks visited by your future candidates.

6- Psychometric assessments

once the best candidates have been screened and proposed, it is important to assess their competencies. The use of D-TECK's 360-degree psychometric assessments allows you to obtain a complete and reliable picture of an individual's strengths and areas requiring vigilance. D-TECK's powerful algorithms can replicate the judgment of organizational psychologists without delay and at a considerably lower cost. You can thus have access to a psychologist specializing in competency assessment.

7- Video interview

the candidates presenting the best fit with the competency profile you are seeking can now respond to an online interview, filmed at any time of the day or the week. Video interviews improve the candidate experience and reduce selection delays considerably. The organizations in Canada that use video interviews innovate and stand out from their competitors. They rejuvenate their branding and offer something different.

8- Final selection

throughout the automated recruitment process and guided by powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, the best candidates have been selected and those who do not meet your criteria have been set aside, without your having to meet them and invest your valuable time. The recruiters thus have access to qualified finalists, ready for an interview with the managers who are recruiting internally. Although the process was managed by technology, the use of video interviews made it possible to get to know the candidates. In short, with HR technology, recruiters can make an informed decision, based on the numerous complementary data collected.

About Martin Cloutier, Co-Founder, Business Leader & Organizational Psychologist
As President of D-Teck, Mr. Cloutier sets the company vision and coordinates its execution. He is the cofounder of D-Teck, and his mission is to reinvent online psychometric tests. An organizational psychologist by training, his approach combines artificial intelligence with organizational psychology to help clients make better decisions about hiring, promotions and development.